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Published August 14, 2008

Congratulations to all the Verona Festival organisers and volunteers who slogged in the rain on Thursday and Friday to set up this year's event. From the stage to the tents, literally thousands of pounds of tarps, tables, appliances and generators are hauled from storage to McMullen Manor for the three day event. Under the capable direction of Susanne Casement, this year's crew of student volunteers proved themselves over and over again, and reports are that some of last year's students have volunteered as regular infantry without the inducement collecting volunteer hours toward graduation. Festival Manager Wayne Conway earned his stripes this year with the many on the spot decisions the weather forced him to make. Bravo!

Congratulations too to the community for simply showing up on one of the iffiest weekends of the year. From Friday's parade to Sunday's closing ceremony, the park was full of people who at any moment might have been drenched. As it turns out, that didn't happen The rains seemed to time themselves around festival events, and even though several organizers lay awake in the middle of Saturday night's torrential storm, the tarps held, the grounds did not flood and the sound system worked. Attendance in several festival events actually increased this year - a testament to how important this celebration is to our community.

And thanks from the entire community to area businesses whose support grows stronger every year. From the large event sponsors to the home based businesses who contribute gift certificates, the festival relies on the business community to understand the importance of this celebration to keeping our village alive year round. They come through in spades.

OK now. Take a deep breath for a couple of weeks to get ready for the next Verona happening! On August 30 The Verona Garlic Festival ends our summer of special events. Sponsored by the Verona Lions, this delightful day features all things to do with the stinking rose. It'll take place on the market grounds, with all the regular market vendors in attendance plus special garlic-related vendors, special events on stage, and a yummy array of foods from the Lions kitchen - everything from a special garlic sauce for your egg McLion to Greek Chicken. Best of all, just like the Lions Jamboree, admission and parking are free. Saturday Aug. 30 9-3 on the Lions grounds.

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