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Adopt-A-Barrel 2013
Flower Growing

Published August 21, 2008

Belated congratulations to Louise Raycraft, who celebrated her 100th birthday last week and who, amazingly, still lives at home in Verona with some help from her grandson.

Got your garlic order written out? After last year's inaugural garlic festival, dozens of Verona gardeners added the stinking rose to their crops, and are now enjoying the taste of the real thing (as opposed to the pallid Chinese stuff you get in the supermarket). Next weekend is your chance to pick up your planting bulbs or to stock your pantry for the year as the Lions host the second annual Verona Garlic Festival - including the 2008 edition of the Eastern Ontario Garlic Awards. Garlic growers from all over Eastern Ontario will compete for the Woodman Trophy in four categories: Best Single Bulb, Best Braid, Best Collection of 12 Bulbs and Best Collection of 6 Varieties. You can enter if you want, because the competition is open to all gardeners in Eastern Ontario. For registration details call 613-273-5683. This is an Ontario Horticultural Association sanctioned competition with accredited judge Anne Babcock. If you are a grower or want to be, be sure to stop by Paul Pospisil's booth to subscribe to his delightful Garlic News - a folksy newsletter that'll feed you recipes and growing tips all year long. But you don't have to be a grower to have fun at the garlic festival. From 9 - 3 there'll be food and entertainment galore. Until noon you can get your traditional egg McLion - topped with garlic sauce if you're feeling adventurous. From 11-3 you can feast on entrees like Rivendell Beef on a Bun, Greek chicken or honey garlic sausage on a bun. Add some sides like garlic fries, veggies and garlic dip, Greek salad or garlic, lemon & ginger ice cream and you'll have rounded out your day. Take your food treats over to the stage, where from 10-3 you'll find demonstrations of garlic recipes, garlic growing, and garlic varieties - including from our own farmers market, who will be in their regular booths throughout the event along with other special vendors. Also on stage are the entertainment of Dr. Kaboom's Magic Circus (noon) and the musical group The Irish Disorders. Best of all, the admission is Free, Free Free! Sat. Aug. 30, 2008 9 to 3 on the Lions grounds Sand Road. (Stage and eating in the hall if it rains)

We can't let another week go by without sending thanks to all the businesses who have put so much into beautifying their grounds. From Bravo Restaurant's many colourful flowerbeds to the wonderful twining of morning glories that grace the flowerpots at the post office, to the striking barrel plantings sponsored by the Verona Community Association and maintained by Terry Morey, the village looks lush and inviting.

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