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Published August 27, 2008

Did you know that one of Verona's beacons of Scouting and Guiding is off on a big mission? Linda Bates is heading to Vienna this fall in her role as the member of the International Scout Guide Fellowship representing the Western Hemisphere. After many years in local guiding and beyond, Linda volunteered to the Baden Powell guild, a group of retired scouters and guiders who want to continue giving service to the movement, but can't commit to every week. Bon voyage, Linda!

Every year the staff at the Bank of Montreal raise money for a local cause. This year it was a raffle on a garden package, which raised almost $800 for Central Frontenac Community Services for their children's services (things like the play group and baby drop-ins). The staff like to pass the donation to different groups, so they've pledged to raise $1000 for the Frontenac Community Arena renovation. Bravo, BMO staff and thanks from the community.

Given blood recently? (Mosquitoes don't count). One donation can save three lives. The Verona Lions are hosting a Canadian Blood Services donor clinic in early September. At every clinic we are struck by the numbers of repeat donors - which tells you there's something very special about being a part of this cause. We also see proud first time donors, who almost always come back. Canadian Blood Donor Services is hoping to increase its contribution this time around, so now is the time to take the plunge (so to speak). You can even book your donor time in advance to avoid a wait. Community Blood Donor Clinic Monday, Sept. 8th, 2008 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm Verona Lions Hall. Call 1 888 236-6283 to book advance time.

Helga Konecny reminds us that the Crafts & Conversation group is starting up again on Wednesday, September 10th. This non denominational group of quilters, knitters, crocheters, crafters and chatterers meets every second and fourth Wednesday from ten till noon - this year at the Verona Free Methodist Church - where they encourage each other with our projects, teach those who want to learn something new and in general have a good two constructive hours. Anyone interested is welcome to join. For more information call Helga at 613 374-1281.

Finally: Garlic Fest. Be there. Eat good food. Say hi to the regular Farmers Market vendors and a bevy of special vendor guests. Buy good garlic. See delightful presentations (including Dr. Kaboom's Magic Circus (noon) and the musical group The Irish Disorders.) Sat. Aug. 30, 2008 9 to 3 on the Lions grounds Sand Road. (Stage and eating in the hall if it rains). Free Admission.

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