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Published September 24, 2008

Anneli Myllymaki sends a big welcome and a thank you to some new neighbours in the Desert Lake/High Falls Road neighbourhood: "I would like to welcome Philip and his wife and two children to our neighbourhood," she writes. "We are lucky to have them in Verona. Our community garbage box was torn apart by someone and I called to works department to come and fix it. Two weeks later, the box was still not fixed and garbage was all over the road. [But then] Philip cleaned up the garbage and fixed the box. He and his family also keep cleaning up the surrounding are where ever there is litter. We all can learn from him and his family to do the same. We are fortunate to have them in our neighbourhood." Got a good word for a neighbour? Let us know!

Here's another kudo. The Sears/MTC building is sporting a gleaming new coat of paint, which sure spruces up the corner across from Genge Street. Bravo to keeping the village beautiful.

Don't forget the benefit events this weekend in support of John and Lisa Layfield, who lost everything in a recent fire. Gospel Sing Friday Sept. 26 7-11 PM. Adults $10, children $5. Lions Hall. Then on Saturday take in the Benefit Dance and Silent Auction. 7 - 1 at the Lions Hall. Tickets $10 at the door.

Prince Charles PS was hopping last Thursday, as gaggles of youngsters led their parents to the playground for hamburgs and hot dogs (sponsored by the Parent Advisory Council) and then traipsed through the school to show off their classrooms, their first schoolwork of the year and their teachers. What a welcoming and cheery place we have there. It was especially fun to read the students' introductory writings displayed chronologically by grade along the hallway. It's easy to forget how far a youngster travels from grade one through grade seven and eight in her adventures in writing. We urge anyone who has reservations about our kids' education to stop by and read the descriptive passages at Prince Charles.

Speaking of Prince Charles, the Parent Avisory Council (PAC) full slate of fundraising ideas for the year, beginning on October 6 with the kickoff of the Regal gift campaign. Now's the time to order your cards, wrapping paper, and little giftie things, so collar a student and help the cause. PAC is also sponsoring movie times on the third Wednesday of each month. They begin right after school and are FREE! Mark Oct. 28 all day for the annual shopping spree in Toronto - a bus will take you to major outlets for a day made in heaven for shoppers. Details in later columns.

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