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Published October 8, 2008

Here come the fall events - lots and lots.

Penny Patterson of The South Frontenac Natural Environment Committee writes that they are presenting an information evening - Climate Change - Slides and Solutions from Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" with speaker David Kay, who took a course on the subject designed by Al Gore. "We are fortunate to be able to hear such a well-informed speaker! " says Penny. Our S.F. "new and improved" insulated water bottles will be offered for sale for $15 as well. Weds. Oct. 22, 7-9 PM at the Sydenham Town Hall from 7-9 p.m. Free.

Don't forget the Trinity United Quilt Show. Heritage quilt, new quilts, vendors, displays, quilting music, demonstrations and lunch all for only $7. Oct. 18, 10 - 3 at Trinity United Church.

Rose Strohmaier from the Learning Centre in Hartington writes that their fundraising calendars featuring local musicians are printed and ready for sale. They're available for early purchase at the Learning Centre location, Princess Anne Building Tues. & Thurs. 9-5 for $15, and will appear in other places later in the season.

Speaking of local musicians, Rev. David Spurrell tells us that the venerable Ross Clow will receive a special celebration this Sunday for his 43 years in the gospel music ministry. Ross, currently a member of The Old Hims, has eight albums to his credit. His celebration is set Sunday Oct. 12 at Lakeview Assembly at 11:00. Congratulations to our fine musical citizen.

A few months ago, Frontenac County, on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, approached the Verona Community Association (VCA) with a proposition - The First Impression Community Exchange Program - designed to help communities learn about their strengths and shortcomings as seen through the eyes of first time visitors. The way it works is, volunteer teams partner with another community and do unannounced, one day visits, where they record their observations - a kind of "secret shopper" program for towns and villages. VCA executive member Debbie Lingen volunteered to organize our participation, and soon Verona was linked with the town of Havelock for reciprocal visits. She organised a small group of Verona people who spent the day there completing a community assessment questionnaire, and Havelock sent a crew to Verona. Soon the Havelock visitors will come here to report on their first impressions at a public meeting. If you run a business or are in a community group, this presentation will be especially interesting. If you're simply curious about how others see our village, by all means head over to the Lions Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7:00pm for their remarks and their slide show.

Are you a fiddler looking for a bit something fun and different? The Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra meets in Maberly every Saturday from 10 - 2. Anyone from 10 years on up who can read music, play a fiddle, mandolin, penny whistle or flute is welcome to join. Members have come from Yarker to Carleton Place to join this special group. You don't have to be accomplished to join, but if you're feeling a little shy, consider the Blue Skies "Prep" Orchestra for advanced beginners, which meets Saturdays at 2. You'll learn the repertoire of the regular orchestra at a speed that suits you. Open to ages 8 and up. The orchestras are sponsored by Blue Skies In the Community, the outreach program of the venerable Blue Skies Music Festival, heading into its 36th year. Call or e-mail conductor Carolyn Stewart for information. 613-267-0295 or

Got an event coming up? Post it on the Verona Community Association events calendar. You can access it through The VCA website gets close to 2000 hits a month, so you'll be well seen.

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