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Published January 29, 2009

The Haiti school supply project, brainchild of our own amazing Linda Bates, is about to embark on its last phase (at least for now). This weekend, Linda, Kevin and Heather Ryan, Monique Haggar, and Lise Woods head off for Grison-Garde in the northwest of Haiti to help install the school supplies that were bought through Linda's amazing organization of a network of supporters and the generosity of local folks. In that vein, Linda reports that the benefit dance held recently to raise travel funs brought in about $3,000 and that the crowd had a terrific time dancing the night away to Bauder Road and Telefoto. The travel team will meet this Saturday (Jan 21) at the Trinity United community breakfast, after which they head for Ottawa and a plane to Ft. Lauderdale and then on to Haiti. From the airport they pile into vans heading for the mountains, and if the vans can't climb up the peaks, then burros will come down to ferry the travellers the rest of the way. They'll be in Grison Garde for ten days, helping in any way they can. "Every child is going to take home a storybook to read," says Linda, "and I am going to teach the kids how to use scissors!"

Verona's Joanne Sands is the new Family Services Coordinator at the Rural Visions Centre of Central Frontenac Community Services. Her job is to ensure that low income families can access services to help make their lives more manageable. This includes making sure that the food bank is well stocked. Even though the community made a huge outpouring over the Christmas season (particular thanks to those who brought things to the Verona Community Association Free Skate and Tree Lighting) there is still a big need for more. As families face the realities of downsizing, more and more of them use their dwindling incomes just to keep the lights on and the house warm, which forces them to turn to the food bank for relief. Joanne says CFCS urgently needs food stocks, so try to remember to drop things off on a regular basis (Rural Visions Centre, Mill St. Sydenham.) Or you can call Joann at 376-6477 to arrange another alternative. Over the years we have learned that even a small regular monetary donation is very helpful for the perishables like milk and fresh veggies that everyone - particularly young ones need to stay strong and healthy. Do you really need two lattes every day?

Bell Rock Euchre continues next Thursday, Feb. 5. Lunch at noon. Games at 12:30. Bell Rock Hall. $2

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