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Debbie Lingen

Verona News

by Debbie Lingen

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Published March 11, 2010

What is the city but the people?. - William Shakespeare

What a way to spend a Saturday! Husband sends me on a mission. Buy fixings for a barbecue and fill a handyman's list. My first stop is the Farmer's Market at the Lion's Club. Judy's Jams and Jellies supplies the toppings for the hot dogs. Spend more time chatting with friends who visit the market every Saturday to buy staples and home made crafts and just catch up and talk. Next Saturday, March 13th is March Break's Family Day at the Market. K's Klubhouse will have a special day, designed for children and their parents, packed with games, crafts, challenges and fun,

Next stop is two new stores that just opened up on Main St. One beaming owner, Heather Fox greets me in her store "The Main St Mercantile and Tea Room", a combination retail store and tea room that sells beautiful antiques and knick-knacks. Two tables are set up in the center of the room and they are filled with happy customers drinking tea and coffee from bone china teacups and munching on delicious homemade desserts. I remember hubby at home and buy Heather's homemade chicken soup to go. I pass through the adjoining door and enter the next store, "Nicole's Gifts". I greet the grinning owner Nicki Van Camp who has filled her bright store with innovative gift items for house and garden. I can't resist buying the bird mugs, stepping stone that shines in the dark and a garden angel. These two stores are located on 6709 Main St. (beside Revell Ford) and are now open for business. Their grand opening will be in April.

Down the street I go to see Kim Perry at Local Family Farms. I buy some delicious homemade pies and find out that Kim is opening a new Bulk section to fill an overwhelming demand. The first venture will be bins filled with spices by March 15. More bins to come as the weeks go by.

Then off to IGA, where I buy the remainder of the fixings for the barbecue. We bid a fond farewell to Bev, Graham and Glenn Brooks and a cheery welcome to the new owners, Clint and Andrea Reid.

My final stop is Verona Hardware where I hand off my handyman list to be filled and mission accomplished, home I go, once again so thankful for the many shops and venues in our village of Verona. Thankful that I can spend a productive Saturday morning meeting friends and filling all my shopping needs without having to leave the Main St of Verona. What could be better!

Make time to take off those extra winter pounds and come to the free TOPS open house! Monday March 15 at Verona Free Methodist Church. 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

The Verona Festival meeting will be held Tuesday March 16. Volunteers heartily welcomed. 7 pm. Lions Club Hall.

South Frontenac Natural Environment Committee presents a Nature Talk. "Endangered Species of South Frontenac". 7 to 9 pm. Trinity United Church. Verona. Wed. March 17.

Debbie Lingen

For more information about Verona, Ontario please contact:
Debbie Lingen

Previous Verona News Column Issues

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