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Debbie Lingen

Verona News

by Debbie Lingen

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Published June 17, 2010

Don't be frightened by the sight of strange, little animals at Prince Charles Public School this Monday June 21st. They are Cameron's Bog Buddies. The Festival Committee for the Verona Cattail Festival in conjunction with Prince Charles Public School has organized a " Meet Cameron the Bog Lemming Day." On June 21st, Cameron, the mascot for the Festival, will attend a Dress Up Day in the gym. The children will use their imagination and dress up as Cameron's Bog Buddies. We expect there will be foxes, rabbits, snakes, turtles, butterflies, slugs, cattails and flowers parading for Cameron. Each child participating will be given a coupon for free ice cream and an invitation to be in the Festival Parade. Five children will each receive a pair of free passes to the Festival.

Congratulations to Doug and Linda Boulter. They were awarded this year's Volunteer of the Year Award 2010 as a husband and wife team. Doug and Linda have worked together in both leadership roles and on individual projects to make this community a better place. Their smiling, cheery faces are at every function that the Verona Community holds and they are usually involved in the preparations for these events. Any list could represent only a fraction of their accomplishments. Both Lynda and Doug have been very active members of the Verona Festival Committee and Steering Committee since its inception fifteen years ago. They have taken leadership roles as Festival Chair, planned for and managed the Hospitality Tent, worked in the canteens and performed as Masters of Ceremony. Their team approach with the Verona Community Association has included event advertising management, Christmas for Kids administration, village flower basket preparation, village sign and kiosk design and construction and Conservation Authority Park maintenance. Doug's red truck is always at the ready for community projects. Their role at Trinity United is very similar. Lynda has served for many years as the Chair of the Board of Stewards. Doug is a member of the Trinity Property Committee. The list goes on and on. Kudos Doug and Linda. You so richly deserve this award.

Verona bids a fond farewell to Pastor David and Merlene Spurrell. They are leaving Verona following 26 years of Ministry at Lakeview Gospel Assembly. We are all invited to drop in and share an evening filled with well wishes, music & fellowship with the Spurrels at the Verona Free Methodist Church (Gregory Hall) on Saturday, June 19th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

An organizational meeting to start a Book Club centered on reading and discussing Christian literature will be held at the Verona Free Methodist Church on Monday, June 21st at 7:30 pm. For further information contact Beth Freeland at 613-376-3800.

Foodland's Grand Opening will be this Saturday June 19th. Drop by and say hello to Foodland's new owners Clint and Andrea Reid and help them celebrate their grand opening.

The boys are back! Andrew Fazackerley and Edward Goodfellow will embark on their third Annual Strokes for Hopes campaign on Thursday, June 24th. Come support the boys and this worthwhile cause for raising money to beat cancer.

Debbie Lingen

For more information about Verona, Ontario please contact:
Debbie Lingen

Previous Verona News Column Issues

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