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Debbie Lingen

Verona News

by Debbie Lingen

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Published February 10, 2011

You may have heard the exciting news that Verona has been chosen for CIP, the Community Improvement Plan. But what exactly is it and what does it mean for Verona? Now you have the chance to find out. On Thursday February 24th, representatives from the County of Frontenac will be in Verona to answer all our questions. They will also show us the positive impact the Verona Community Improvement Plan will have on the residents and businesses in Verona. Verona Lions Hall, 4504 Verona Sand Road 5 pm to 8 pm. This is a meeting you do not want to miss!

"Bee there for your Honey" The Frontenac Farmers Market reopens this Saturday, February 12th with a celebration of honey just in time for Valentine's Day. Give your honey a unique Valentine gift created by one of the many local crafters and artisans. Taste some honey treats. Enjoy a delicious breakfast served by the Verona Lions Club. Verona Lions Hall. 9 am to 12 noon.

K's Klubhouse is hosting a Valentines Day Party on Sunday Feb 13th from noon to 4 pm at the Bellrock Community Hall. There will be crafts, treats, facepainting and much more. This is a free event, for children ages 6 to 12 (smaller children welcome with an adult.) For more information contact Kaye at 613-483-2326

The Verona Cattail Festival Committee is inviting all volunteers from last year's successful event and any new volunteers who want to help with this year's festival to come to the Cattail Festival Potluck Dinner on Tuesday February 15th. Enjoy good food and great company as we discuss last year's festival and make plans for this year. 6 pm. Verona Lions Hall. Verona Sand Road.

Linda Bates is back home. It was a rocky road for Haiti this last year - the earthquake, the rainy season, lack of food, water, housing, malaria, the riots and the horror of cholera. It seemed that a trip was going to be impossible to make. However on January 16, volunteers sorted and packed $150,000 in medical supplies in 15 suitcases. Linda tells us, "The agent for West Jet Airlines was fantastic. My four volunteers and I had special permission to each carry on two back-packs and check three 50 lb. suitcases of medical supplies on our flight to Miami." The five then boarded the Cruiseline ship in Miami and were on their way to Haiti. Because of the cholera threat, the team could not leave a restricted area in Haiti. Linda had prearranged for a driver to come from Grison Garde to pick up the shipment. Back on board the ship, the team received the call that all had been safely delivered. Kudos to Linda and the volunteers, Deborah and Doug Lovegrove, Lise Woods and Matt Hutcheon.

The Verona community extends its condolences to the family of Raymond Kingston who passed away on Friday, January 28th in his 66th year. He was the beloved husband of Grace, father of Brock and Angela Kingston and grandpa to Bailey and Soren.

Debbie Lingen

For more information about Verona, Ontario please contact:
Debbie Lingen

Previous Verona News Column Issues

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