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Debbie Lingen

Verona News

by Debbie Lingen

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Published February 17, 2011

I received a fascinating e-mail from 85 year old Wilma Scott. Wilma was born in Verona, her parents were Leslie and Vida Clark. Wilma went to Sydenham High School and her first job in Verona was at the Walker and Genge General Store where she made $10.00 a week. Wilma now lives in Kitchener and her friends in Kingston mail her the Verona column. She muses why she and her friends left Verona where it seems all the action is now. She reminisces about all her friends in Verona and wonders where they are today. If you knew Wilma and would like to get in touch with her, give me a call and I will pass on the information.

This has been a wicked winter and I have a lesson to pass on. I was leaving the Lions Club and stopped the car on the side of the road for a few moments. I misjudged the depth of the snow - and you guessed it-got hopelessly stuck. Feeling very embarrassed I called hubby to ask him to bring a shovel - we would be digging for a while. However this is Verona and good Samaritans abound. Within minutes a gentleman driving the township snow plough stopped to check that I was OK and if I needed any help. Then a wonderful gentleman in a truck stopped. He was prepared for this winter. He had a towrope and within seconds I was out of the mess. So my lesson learned is to know the road conditions and never assume anything. I also am so happy to live in Verona where there are so many generous, compassionate people.

This Saturday, February 19th, the Portland District & Area Heritage Society will have a heritage display at the Frontenac Farmers Market. Verona Lions Hall. Verona Sand Road. 9 am to 12 noon

Trinity United Church will serve up an Olde Tyme Canadian Dinner on Saturday, March 5, at 5 pm. They will be serving foods from across the nation plus live old time, Canadian, after dinner entertainment. Tickets are $15 per person. There is only a limited number of tickets available and these must be purchased in advance. Tickets are available at the Verona Local Family Farms, Verona Hardware or phone Linda Brown at 613-374-9990

Bingo! The Verona Lions Club and the Knights of Columbus will cohost Bingo on Monday, February 28th at 7 pm. The doors and canteen open at 6 pm. Early bird game starts at 6:50 pm. Verona Lions Hall.

Don't miss the meeting to discuss the positive impact of the Community Improvement Plan for Verona. On Thursday February 24th, representatives from the County of Frontenac will be in Verona to answer all our questions. Verona Lions Hall, 5 pm to 8 pm.

The Bellrock Euchre Club honoured three of their founding members, Don and Doris Ritchie and Delphine Dowker with many thanks and a potted plant for each. Doris and Don have been with the Bell Rock Entertainment Committee since 1950. Kudos to these volunteers and their years of service to the community.

Debbie Lingen

For more information about Verona, Ontario please contact:
Debbie Lingen

Previous Verona News Column Issues

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