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Debbie Lingen

Verona News

by Debbie Lingen

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Published May 5, 2011

In years to come, people will talk about the great Wind Storm of 2011. 100 km winds swept through Ontario, damaging property, felling great trees and bringing down power to over 100,000 homes. Verona was not spared. Homes were without power, some for 6 hours, others including yours truly, for 25 hours.

It's a sobering fact to realize how vulnerable we are to the elements and how dependent we are on electricity. Its absence brings our world to a screeching halt. The young ones gather around the dark TV set and plead with mom and dad to please make it work. We oldsters, who normally down cups of hot coffee as we Facebook friends and cruise the internet, struggle in the dark to find candles and try to brighten the night.

But Verona and area residents made it through the storm, thankfully, without any serious casualties and will have lots of stories of wind's mighty force to tell in the years to come. And yes, when the power finally came back on, I gave a thumbs up to Thomas Edison for his genius and an even heartier thumbs up to the hard working, sleep deprived, Hydro workers who effected the repairs.

A big Verona welcome to a new business in the village. Kim Thompson is opening her doors on May 9. Her business is called SAKS Entertainment and initially will be selling used books. This business will soon be expanding to include rentals of movies and video games. Kim is a born and bred Verona gal and is very excited to be bringing this new business to Verona. Her store is located at 6697 Main St. (the North side of the Sears building.) Kim will be open 7 days a week, so drop by, say hello and help make Kim feel welcome.

This weekend is Mom's day. Treat her to a special weekend. No cooking! Always a good start. Head off to the Verona Lions Club and enjoy their delicious Lions Pancake breakfast. 2 sausages, a drink and all you can eat pancakes for only $6.00. Proceeds will go to Verona Lions Charity projects and the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (Haiti project). Then head outside where the Frontenac Farmers Market Vendors have now moved. Enjoy shopping for Mothers' Day specials and gift baskets. Mom will also enjoy the Tree Sale sponsored by The Natural Environment Committee. Trees are $2.00 each. All this at the Verona Lions Club. 9 am to 1 pm. (Pancake breakfast starts at 8 am)

Bring all your recycled aluminum cans to the Farmers Market starting this Saturday. Proceeds from the collection of the cans will go to the Children of Haiti Fund.

Trinity United Church is holding their annual Pie Sale on May 7. Take your pick of 9-inch pies for only $9.00 each. 9 am to 1pm. Hurry, they sell out fast!

Gardeners who want to show off their green thumbs and enter the Adopt a Barrel Flower contest have until May 14 to enter the contest. Entry forms can be picked up at Nicky's Gifts, Verona Hardware and Local Family Farms.

Debbie Lingen

For more information about Verona, Ontario please contact:
Debbie Lingen

Previous Verona News Column Issues

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