Portland District Volunteer of the Year

Each year, the Verona Community Association proposes one Verona citizen as recipient of the Township of South Frontenac's Volunteer of the Year for Portland District. It is a tribute to Verona's spirit and strength that the VCA's recommondation has frequently been chosen as the award winner. They are:

John McDougall (2001) For over 30 years of leadership in a wide variety of organizations throughout the north - particularly in the arts. For his vision and his ability to help an organization see the vision and bring it to a successful conclusion. Groups such as North Frontenac Little Theatre, the Verona Community Association, the Verona Festival, Trinity United Church and the Verona Lions Club have all benefited from John's expertise.

Inie Platenius (2002) For over 30 years of volunteering her writing about community & political issues, pioneering women into the Verona Lions Club, her guiding role in the Verona Community Association and its activities, including emceeing the Verona Festival. Also for her work with schools and local theatre.

Joyce Casement (2003) For tireless work behind the scenes to help people in need, particularly through food; for championing young musicians, her work with the Verona Community Association, particularly the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Festival; for many years service on the Portland District Recreation Committee.

Don Coleman (2004): For his many years of quiet and tireless work as treasurer and bookkeeper for the United Churches in Verona and Harrowsmith, his executive work as treasurer of the Verona Community Association and the Verona Festival. Don's skill in establishing budgets and financial guidance is the premier reason these organizations remain fiscally sound.

Wayne Conway (2008): A newcomer to the community, Wayne has become involved in several organizations and events. Served as a Lions Club member for four years and currently the President of the Club overseeing every aspect of a $150,000 hall renovation. He is a committed volunteer on the Verona Festival and is currently the General Manager. He is also an active member of the Railton Branch of the Knights of Columbus, Wayne oversaw the new Christmas lights in McMullen Park and is a regular member of the ad hoc group of Verona workers who built our fine village signs.

Doug & Linda Boulter (2010): Doug and Linda Boulter were awarded Volunteer of the Year Award 2010 as a husband and wife team. Doug and Linda have worked together in both leadership roles and on individual projects to make this community a better place. Their smiling, cheery faces are at every function that the Verona Community holds and they are usually involved in the preparations for these events. Any list could represent only a fraction of their accomplishments. Both Lynda and Doug have been very active members of the Verona Festival Committee and Steering Committee since its inception fifteen years ago. They have taken leadership roles as Festival Chair, planned for and managed the Hospitality Tent, worked in the canteens and performed as Masters of Ceremony. Their team approach with the Verona Community Association has included event advertising management, Christmas for Kids administration, village flower basket preparation, village sign and kiosk design and construction and Conservation Authority Park maintenance. Doug's red truck is always at the ready for community projects. Their role at Trinity United is very similar. Lynda has served for many years as the Chair of the Board of Stewards. Doug is a member of the Trinity Property Committee.

Doug Lovegrove (2011): Doug Lovegrove has worked in leadership roles and on individual projects to make this community a better place. His thoughtful and caring attitude, good humour and genuine warmth for others have welcomed strangers to this community, and encouraged others to become more active in community affairs. He is an inspiration for all volunteers, Doug has been an active member of the Verona Festival Committee and Steering Committee since its inception sixteen years ago. He managed several duties such as the original festival web site, construction of the entrance kiosks, banners and flags, conducted visitor surveys, assisted with the logistics of setting up and taking down, managed the advertisement and promotion, was active on the Steering committee and was chair for the festival for several years. Presently he manages a well run recycle waste management system for this event. His leadership style and attention to detail welcomes and mentors others and makes sure that our new Festival volunteers gain confidence through his support and encouragement. Doug has led a very active volunteer life. Here are just a few of the things he has done in the past. He is a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces, former director of a culture centre (High River, Alta.) , director of a tourism board (High River, Alta.), director and Vice president of the Verona Business Association, director of the Verona/Bell Rock Policing Committee., coordinator of the Verona and Area Neighbourhood Watch, President of the PCPS Home and School, reporter for the Triangle "Neighbour to Neighbour", and columnist for the Triangle "Compute with Me". Doug is also active in other Verona Community Events such as the annual Christmas Tree Lighting held every November at McMullen Park. Doug is a proud member of the "Wednesday Breakfast Club" that originated when the new village signs were under construction in 2009. He and his wife, Debbie volunteered many hours on this project. Doug is very active in all the projects that the Wednesday breakfast Club undertakes. Doug also runs his own successful Computer Business and has run many teaching computer programs through CFDC geared towards the public understanding computers and websites.

Frank York (2013):